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Rod Stewart

People stop Rob Caudill in airports for autographs. They stare at him in restaurants.
And when he struts on stage, women scream themselves hoarse.
Why? Because Caudill is a dead-on Rod Stewart Impersonator.

He’s got the high-definition jawline, the shock of spiky blonde hair,
but most importantly, he has the nose. Vocally, his distinctive,
naturally-raspy voice sounds like the legendary Stewart,
and his range easily nails every high note from Stewart’s younger days.
So, it’s no surprise this singer has carved out a career ‘recreating’ Rod Stewart.
From kicking out soccer balls to spinning mic stands,
to belting out all of Rod’s greatest hits –
Caudill’s high energy show is a must-see event for people of all ages.

As bass player for a band called “The Breaks” Caudill
got his first major opportunity when they signed to RCA Records.
The Breaks’ first single, “She Wants You”,
was played in heavy rotation on MTV music television which caught the attention of Bugle Boy Clothing,
who used The Breaks for their first commercial on MTV.

After a few years, The Breaks disbanded,
so Rob put together a group called “The Willys” that included legendary guitarist Shawn Lane.
They quickly became one of Memphis’ hottest bands.
Rob also began doing session work with Joe Walsh of the Eagles and jammed with many others such as John Entwhistle of the Who,
along with members of Cheap Trick, Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Survivor and Red Hot Chili Peppers just to name a few.

In 1996, he realized he couldn’t escape the remarkable natural resemblance to Rod Stewart so he heeded the advice of Joe Walsh and began his tribute career.
Rob put down his bass, bought some wild clothing and diligently studied lots of Rod’s videos, vocals and mannerisms.

Now, more than a 15 years later, he is still spinning his mic stand and kicking soccer balls out to audiences everywhere.

When he leaves town he is armed with his “Tonight’s the Night Band,” a repertoire of more than 100 Stewart songs
(covering everything from the beginning years of The Faces to the Great American Songbooks),
and a wardrobe of loud, mostly custom made suits that match Rod Stewart’s attire to a tee.

Rod Stewart Tribute Show from Royal Talent on Vimeo.